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Many thanks to Andy Clay Harris for permission to use Avery information he posted to Rootsweb as part of his family tree




Emily Avery Tatum

born c.1838



c.1823-Sarah Elizabeth Avery Babb

1828-M.J. (Spencer & Bodkin)

c.1829-James F Avery

c.1830-Margaret Avery Pate

c.1832-John H Avery

c.1834-Martha Avery Tatum

c.1836-Frances Avery Booth

c.1840-Henry Avery

c.1842-William A.G. Avery

c.1844-Thomas Avery

c.1846 Louisa/Margaret (Aspray)



married 3-7-1855 

Gibson Co TN


Absalom H. Tatum

born c. 1825



 BGHB Tatum



Note: Emily's sister Margaret wed Absalom's brother, James.


BGHB Avery


 Charity Brooks

spouse's parents:

John C. Tatum


  Lucinda (Porter?)

maternal grandparents:

Jacob Brooks & Sarah Warrington


paternal grandparents:

Alexander Averet Jr. & Elizabeth Vinson

maternal aunts & uncles:

c.1794-Nicy (& Micajah Midyett); c.1796-John William Brooks; 1798-Benjamin Samuel Brooks; 1804-Joseph Brooks; 1806-Simeon Brooks; 1808-James Stevens Blackman Brooks; c.1810-Frederick Nash Brooks


paternal aunts & uncles:

1800-Eliza Warren; 1807-Winifred McEwen; 1809-Rev. William "Alexander" Avery; 1811-Drury Vinson Avery; 1813-Troy; 1815-John Avery; 1817-Reuben T. "Sidney" Avery; 1820-Henry Avery

1822-James A. Avery; c.1825-Sarah Elizabeth Avery (McDouglad)(Hall)

(John not proven to be brother of BGHB; Troy and Reuben T may be same person)



1850 census, Gibson County, TN., District 16, household 493:

(note that household 495 is her sister Margaret Pate and household 496 is her uncle RTS Avery)

BGHB Avery, age 47, Meth. E. Clergm., worth $5000, born NC.

Charity, 45, born NC. All others born TN.

James, 21.

John, 18.

Martha, 16.

Frances, 14.

Emily, 12.

Henry, 10.

William, 8.

Thomas 6.

Louisa 4 (she becomes Margaret in the next census).


1850 census, Gibson Dist 16, household 464

John C. Tatum, age 51, born NC, farmer

Lucinda, age 47, born VA

Absalom, age 25, born TN

John, age 23

Elizabeth, age 21

Mary, age 17

James, age 14

Henry Cassells, age 25, farmer, born TN

William, age 12

Rufus, age 9

George, age 6


Gibson County marriages:

Emily A.M. Avery & Absalom H. Tatum 3-7-1855

Martha A.P. Avery to James B Tatum 12-29-1857


1860 census Gibson County TN, District 4, household 543

A.H. Tatum, age 35, farmer (with something written before it Lt? or something +?) 200/1000, born TN

Emila Tatum, age 24, born TN

Boliver Tatum, age 3, male

James Birdie, age 13, male, born TN


1870 census, Gibson County District 4 (marked as black, but think it's an error), household 77

A.H. Tatum, age 45, physician, 5000/1000, born TN--as are all in household

Ellen Tatum, age 22, keeps house (a new wife, or a daughter?)

Bowling Tatum, age 15, at home

Lucy Tatum, age 2

F. Henderson, age 50

Singleton Henderson, age 3

John Henderson, age 29

household 78 (think it's his brother John)

JP Tatum, age 45, school teacher, 100, born TN

Sallie Tatum, age 19, keeps house

John Tatum, 11, at home.

NOTE: Gibson County marriage records show John P Tatum & Sarah Hopper 6-12-1857


2-10-1871 date of signature on will of BGHB Avery, Gibson, TN Will Book G, page 202. To wife Charity: half of stock, so Jonas and Katy may make a living, house and land on which she lives, beginning line of James F. Avery's 40 acre tract, so as to include the graveyard, and over to the corner of the gin field, including the field to the lane. To son W.A.G. Avery: the rest of the tract to live on. To son James F. Avery: 50 acres. Daughter Martha has had $400 worth of land in Arkansas; must make account to estate before she shares. Grandson B.G. Pate owes me some notes and accounts and he has acted very strange. It is my will that two-thirds of what he owes me be collected and paid his sisters Amanda and Emily. Grandson B.G. Tatum: $150 put to interest, and when he is twenty years old, principle and interest to be paid to him. All others equally. Executors: sons H.B. and James F. Avery


Crockett County Court Clerk's Minutes, Vol. A, dated 7-5-1872

(transcribed and contributed to Crockett County page of Rootsweb by Natalie Huntley)

Monday, July 5th AD 1872

On motion A.H. Tatum was appointed guardian for BGHB Tatum thereupon the said A.H. Tatum came into court and entered into bond the sum of three hundred dollars with J.B. Tatum and N.T. Perry as his securities which bond was severally acknowledged yea in open court approved by the court and ordered to be record and the said A.H. Tatum was duly qualified as guardian for BGHB Tatum.