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Many thanks to Emily Kantor for an email in 2-09 that included the record of what appears to be a deed from Elizabeth's father, Drury Vinson, to his son Archibald (full extract on Drury Vinson page) which suggests Elizabeth's mother was named Winifred and perhaps her grandfather was named John Vinson Sr. and perhaps there was an Uncle Aaron Vinson


Elizabeth Vinson

born c. 1779 to c.1850



 maybe Archibald



married 1-31-1800

in Johnston Co. NC


Alexander Averet Jr.

c.1774 Johnston Co NC


c.1846 Gibson Co. TN



1800-Eliza Warren

1803-BGHB Avery

1807-Winifred McEwen

1809-Rev. William "Alexander" Avery

1811-Drury Vinson Avery

1813-Troy --maybe him

1815-John Avery

1817-Reuben T. "Sidney" Avery

1820-Henry Avery

1822-James A. Avery

c.1825-Sarah Elizabeth Avery (McDougald) (Hall)


John not proven to be her son, and Troy may be the same person as Reuben T.


Drury Vinson


possibly Winifred


spouse's parents:

Alexander Averet Sr.



maternal grandparents:


paternal grandparents:

maybe John Vinson Sr.

Her maiden name was sometimes spelled Venson or "Vincent." Considering the French pronunciation of Vincent is Vinson and Averet would be something like Averay or Avera (as it was alternately spelled), this suggests the families originated in France or Scotland.


Her husband's father was in the Revolutionary War.