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Many thanks to Andy Harris for permission to reprint information he has posted to Rootsweb as part of the Andy Clay Harris Family Tree.

Winifred Avery McEwen

born c.1807 in Johnston Co. NC




1800-Eliza Warren

1803-BGHB Avery

1809-Rev. William "Alexander" Avery

1811-Drury Vinson Avery

1813-Troy (prob same person as Reuben T)

1815-John Avery

1817-Reuben T. "Sidney" Avery

1820-HDC Avery

1822-James A. Avery

c.1825-Sarah Elizabeth Avery (McDougald) (Hall)

married 8-20-1829

in Gibson County TN


F.L.W. McEwen





 1830-maybe J.F.M (son)


 1836-Elizabeth (born in Alabama) (married name maybe Senter)




Alexander Averet Jr.


Elizabeth Vinson

spouse's parents:

maternal grandparents:

Drury Vinson & ?

paternal grandparents:

Alexander Averet Sr. & Sarah

maternal aunts & uncles:


paternal aunts & uncles:

c.1764-Margaret "Peggy"; c.1766-female Avery (m. Seals); c.1768-female Avery (m. James); c.1772-Christian Keziah Duncan; c.1776-Sally Norris


transcription of marriage records for Gibson County has "Winaford Avery" marrying F.L. McEwen in 1829


1850 census, Gibson TN, District 4: All in a row with households of her brothers Drury, James & John

Elizabeth Avery age 71, born NC, property value $400 (or is it $600?)

Winifred McEwen, age 43, born NC

Elizabeth McEwen, age 14, born Alabama

(then comes her brother James Avery & family, then...

J.F.M. McEwen, age 20, farmer, born TN

John W. Avery, age 36, farmer, born NC (her brother)

Margaret, age 34

Jane, age 11

Charity, age 7

"Dabey"? age 3


1870 Gibson County District 20, Robinsonville Post Office

(few pages are chockablock with Avery families, black and white)

JF McIswin? age 38, farmer, $2400/$900, born NC

Winnie McIswin, age 62, at home, born NC, "INSANE"

Avery, Mattie, age 23?, real estate value 4500, personal estate 1000, born in TN

Malissa, age 21

Cornelia, age 20

Sidney, age 19

Isabelle, age 16

Metsy, age 11

Lizzie, age 9

NOTE: I speculate that this is Winnie, though the name could be as easily read as Minnie, and the last name has deviated from a nice, clean McEwen, because the ages between 1850 and 1870 are a close enough match, and because the Averys in the household are the children of her brother, Drury Vinson Avery who died in 1863. TN had many McIlwain and McCaslin families--wonder if this is like Robason/Robertson/Robinson (all the same with a southern accent, so they spelled it any old which-way).


Gibson County marriage records have a Bettie McEwen marrying Robert F. Senter in 1876. No idea if this is Winifred's Elizabeth.