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Many thanks to Jean Murchison for a family tree sent in 1998 that detailed the line of her husband, a descendent of TG Avery. The photocopy of the photograph of the William A.G. Avery family comes from Jean as well.

Thomas Wilbur Avery

11-19-1903 to 10-1-1986



1902-Eunice Ellen Avery

1905-Paul Constance Avery

1911-Minnie Rebekah Avery

1913-Carroll Rosamond Avery

1915-Nell Frances Avery

1917-Lena Mae Avery


Duette Doerr's family: 1910 census 63 yr old widow Fannie Haney/Hansy/Hanry in the household listed as "mother." Either JN's mother remarried, or it is Ada's mother. By his draft card, JN Doerr was missing his left arm below the elbow, and was a poultry merchant for "J.N. Doerr & Sons" of Gates



Duette Doerr

6-3-1905 to 6-25-1984



  Dorothy (Cox)

  Doerice (Shackleton)

  Thomas Wilbur Jr.

  James Rosamond

  Velma Ann (Chisholm)





Tom Avery


Minnie Viola Hawkins

spouse's parents:

James Nicholas Doerr


Ada (maybe Haney?)

maternal grandparents:


paternal grandparents:

William A.G. Avery & Sarah Rosamon

 maternal aunts & uncles:


paternal aunts & uncles:

1865-Charles Avery; c.1868-Sam Avery; 1870-Laura Avery Warmath; Lydia; Jessie; 1876-Ida Tennessee Avery (Hardison); after 1880-Joe Avery


maternal great-grandparents:

John D. Rosamon and Elizabeth Hefley


paternal great-grandparents:

BGHB Avery and Charity Brooks


1910 census, Crockett County, District 12:

Thomas G Avery, age 31, married 10 years in marriage 1, born TN of parents born in TN, occupation: milling--flour mill.

Wife Minnie V, age 27, mother of 3 of whom 3 are living, born in TN of a father born in NC and a mother born in TN.

Daughter Eunice E, age 8.

Son Wilbur T, age 6.

Son Paul C, age 4.

boarder Dr. John A. Harwood?, born in MD of parents born in MD, occupation: doctor.


1920 census, Lauderdale County, Gates:

Tom G. Avery, age 40, miller--flour mill.

Wife Minnie V., age 37 (now born in TN of parents born in TN).

Daughter Eunice E, age 18.

Son Wilbur, age 16.

Son Paul C, age 14.

Daughter Rebecca M., age 8.

Son Carroll R, age 6.

Daughter Nell, age 4 years 8 months.

Daughter Lena M, age 2 years 2 months.


5-28-1926 Lauderdale Enterprise: Mrs. Ewell Doerr and Mr. Roger Doerr of Humboldt are visiting their sister, Mrs. Wilbur Avery (Ewell Doerr was Duette's brother, five years older than her--gleaned from census and Roger was a brother c. 6 yrs younger than her).


11-12-1926 Lauderdale Enterprise: Mr. and Mrs. Evell Doerr of Humboldt visited their sister, Mrs. W. Avery, the latter part of the week.


8-9-1946 Halls GraphicMrs. Ewell Doerr and children have returned to their home in Cabot, Ark., after being the guests of Mr.& Mrs. Wilbur Avery.


Know her father's middle name was Nicholas by his 1918 draft registration.


Gates Cemetery in Lauderdale County has:

Thomas Wilbur Avery 11-19-1903 to 10-1-1986

same stone Duette Doerr Avery 6-3-1905 to 6-25-1984.


Concord Cemetery Lauderdale County has her parents:

James N. Doerr 3-1-1877 to 6-11-122

Ada Doerr wife of J.N. 7-12-1883 to 9-9-1911