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(this information comes from Pat Bishop, grandchild of Laura Avery Warmath)

Flora Dell Warmath Edwards

6-21-1895 to 6-19-1935




1894-Roy Avery Warmath

John Wesley Warmath 1899

1902-Laura Belle Bryant

1903-Ollie Estelle Morrison

1905-Paul Franklin (died 06)

1909-Sidney Fay Shelton

'13-Albert Clinton Warmath

1914-Pauline Gertrude Pyle

1915-Dorothy Dickerson





Lee Milton Edwards





1915-Ludie Leroy Edwards

1917-Florence (McCall)

c.1918 Thomas Brown

c.1921-Albert Thurman

c.1923-Walter Travis Edwards

Her parents:

Albert "Sidney" Warmath


Laura Avery Warmath

Spouse's parents:

William Edwards



maternal grandparents:

William A.G. Avery & Sarah Rosamon

paternal grandparents:

John Wesley Warmath 1834 & Laura Jones

maternal aunts & uncles:

1865-Charles Avery & E.L. Ward; c.1868-Sam Avery; 1876-Ida Tennessee Avery Hardison & GW; 1878-Tom Avery; Joe Avery & Minnie (then Velma)


paternal aunts & uncles:

1866-Thomas Q Warmath; 1868-Julius Frank Warmath; 1872-John Garland Warmath; 1876-James "Clint" Warmath; 1878-Walter (William Walter) Warmath; 1883-Aubrey D. Warmath



BGHB Avery and Charity Brooks

John D. Rosamon and Elizabeth Hefley

Henry Warmath and Elizabeth Fly

Laura Jones' parents unknown


1910 census, Madison County, TN, district 15: Albert S. Warmath, age 40, born in TN of parents born in TN, m1 for 18 years, occupation: dairyman. Wife Laura L, age 40, mother of 8 of whom 6 are living. Daughter Flora D, age 16. Son Roy A, age 15. Son John W, age 10. Daughter Laura B, age 8. Daughter Estelle, age 6. Daughter Sidney F, age 8 months. Also in the house: William Morgan, age 60, boarder, white, born in TN of parents born in NC, farmer--working out.

Tri-County News 12-18-1913: Misses Flora Warmath of Jackson and Nannie Hefley of Crockett Mills visited T.G. Avery and family this week. (Nannie Hefley = daughter of Harriet Della Warmath & Wm. R. Hefley, thus Flora's father's cousin. T.G. Avery = Flora's maternal uncle Tom Green Avery).

1917 draft registration Lee Milton Edwards, age 30, living in Jackson TN, born 8-12-1886 in Jackson, TN. Occupation: farmer. Married, claiming exemption due to dependent family. Of medium build and medium height with blue eyes and light brown hair.

1920 census, Jackson TN, Ward 4 (enumerated by William A Pyle): Lee Edwards, age 31 (for some reason in this census both Lee & Flora get listed as born in KY, but for Lee the info is way off, listing him as born in KY of a father born in KY and a mother born in "Carolina"), occupation: farmer. Wife Flora, age 26. Son Leroy, age 5. Daughter Florence, age 3 yrs 6 months. Son T.B. age one year and 8 months.

1930 census, Madison TN, District 5: Lee M. Edwards, age 42, married at 27, farmer, born in TN of parents born in TN. Wife Flora D. Edwards, age 36, married at 20. Son Ludie L, age 15, born in FL. Daughter Florence, age 12, born in TN (as are the rest of the kids). Son Albert, age 9. Son Walter, age 7.

Edwards family before Warmaths

1900 census, Madison TN, District 16: William Edwards, age 38, born Nov. 1862 in TN of a father born in NC and a mother born in TN, married 17 years, occupation: farmer. Wife Mammie? J. age 32, born Nov. 1868 in TN of parents born in TN, mother of 8 of whom 7 are living. Son Walter H, age 17. born March 1883. Son Lee M, 13, born Aug. 1886. Son Oscar, 11, born Aug. 1888. Son Ludie, age 9, born July 1890. Daughter Ollie V, age 8, born May 1892. Daughter Anna, age 6, born Jan. 1894. Son Arthur J, born March 1896. (Note: all the kids were born in TN and the occupation of sons Walter, Lee and Oscar is listed as farm labor, even though Oscar is 11).

1910 census, Madison TN: Walter H. Edwards, age 26, married 2 yrs, occupation: Baptist minister. Wife Verdie Q (or O) age 20, mother of one, one living. Daughter Willie Inez, age one year seven months. Also in the house Lee M Edwards brother, age 23, occupation: farming.