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(many thanks to Pat Bishop, descendent of Laura Avery Warmath, for the information and especially the photographs)

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Pauline Gertrude Warmath Pyle

7-13-1914 to 2-25-1994




1894-Roy Avery Warmath

1895-Flora Dell Edwards

John Wesley Warmath 1899

1902-Laura Belle Bryant

1903-Ollie Estelle Morrison

1905-Paul Franklin (died 06)

1909-Sidney Fay Shelton

'13-Albert Clinton Warmath

1915-Dorothy Dickerson





Harry William Pyle Jr.




  Patricia Jean



Pauline Gertrude

was born in Jackson TN and married in Jackson MS


The full Pyle family tree is available on-line. If you google "Laura Loudora" the top hit of only 5 hits will be her granddaughter's family tree (or was as of 2007)

Her parents:

Albert "Sidney" Warmath


Laura Avery Warmath

Spouse's parents:

Harry William Pyle


Frieda Rose Lang

maternal grandparents:

William A.G. Avery & Sarah Rosamon

paternal grandparents:

John Wesley Warmath 1834 & Laura Jones

maternal aunts & uncles:

1865-Charles Avery & E.L. Ward; c.1868-Sam Avery; 1876-Ida Tennessee Avery Hardison & GW; 1878-Tom Avery; Joe Avery & Minnie (then Velma)


paternal aunts & uncles:

1866-Thomas Q Warmath; 1868-Julius Frank Warmath; 1872-John Garland Warmath; 1876-James "Clint" Warmath; 1878-Walter (William Walter) Warmath; 1883-Aubrey D. Warmath



BGHB Avery and Charity Brooks

John D. Rosamon and Elizabeth Hefley

Henry Warmath and Elizabeth Fly

Laura Jones' parents unknown

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Pauline Gertrude Warmath Pyle

Her husband, Harry Pyle Jr.

with her siblings and mother, click to read caption, she is 2nd from left

full caption below photo gallery under "Warmath Group 3," she is on far left

Warmath Group 3, from left: Pauline Gertrude Warmath Pyle, Mrs. Louise Dunlap (mother of her brother Roy's wife), her aunt Ida Avery Hardison, her mother Laura Avery Warmath, her brother-in-law Roy Bryant, her sister Laura Bell Bryant, her sister-in-law Antoinette Dunlap Warmath (Roy's wife), her sister-in-law Emma Lou Taylor Warmath (Albert's wife), her brother Roy Avery Warmath, her brother Albert Clinton Warmath, and in the front the children are her niece Ann Bryant, her niece Doris Warmath and nephew Roy Avery Warmath Jr (both Roy's kids).