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Photographs on this page and her photo album c WWI


Paper Trail (including census, multiple mentions in 1913 newspaper, obituary & death certificate)

There is a page for the Transcription of a taped 1998 conversation with her sister-in-law Mary Lou Hardison, in which she is often the topic of conversation.


Lyda Sue Sims Hardison

8-21-1900 to 11-15-1958



  Leslie Sims

  Paul Sims

married 4-8-1928


William Leland Hardison

8-16-1895 to 6-25-1965



 one boy

 one girl



John P. Sims


 Effie Ann Amos

spouse's parents:

George Washington Hardison


 Ida Tennessee Avery

maternal grandparents:

Tom Amos & Sarah Paul


paternal grandparents:

William Sims & Julia Cook

maternal aunts & uncles:

Mary, Ernest, James Amos, Lena, Kate (Moore), plus one more


paternal aunts & uncles:

Sudie, Robert, Ida

Click on image to enlarge. Once enlarged, to zoom, move cursor to right of image, back onto image, and click again. To see her (unlabeled) scrapbook from c. 1915-1925, click here: photo album c WWI.


Leslie on left, Paul on right, Lyda in the middle

2nd from right standing

John P. Sims, Lyda Sue, Effie Ann Amos Sims

Lyda Sue, her mother Effie Ann, and her aunt Lena Amos (wife of Effie's brother)

Lyda 3rd from left

Lyda Sue front and center



She was married before marrying William Leland Hardison. By her daughter's recollection, the man might have been a music teacher. Her son's only knowledge of the first marriage is the memory that he once came across his mother in a melancholy mood. When he asked her what was wrong, she said she'd had another boy once, and it was his birthday. Being young, he didn't ask further (and didn't note the date). The story was that Lyda and her young man ran off together to get married. Her father came after them in a disapproving rage, complete with shotgun. They hid behind the counter in a store as he stormed through. But he did eventually get his way, and the marriage was annulled (she was probably too young). I have been unable to unearth any record of the marriage, or of a son born from it.


She didn't realize she was pregnant before her son was born--she thought she had a tumor. In fact she delivered an encapsulated tumor with him.


Her son recalled her death as a medical mishap. She had apparently ruputred a blood vessel and was bleeding into the cavity around her heart, as he described it. The condition is common enough that it should have been recognized but she was an overweight 58-year-old woman with non-specific complaints so they didn't figure it out. When they finally realized what the problem was, she had already been in the hospital for several days, going downhill. The solution was to insert a syringe and withdraw the blood, relieving the pressure that was keeping her heart from solid beating. Either they botched the procedure (his opinion) or she had become too weak (their opinion) but she had a heart attack and died during the procedure.


Paper Trail


Have so far been unable to locate her family in the 1910 census.

According to the information taken from the internet (citation given on page for Leslie Sims) her father and brothers founded a newspaper in Kentucky within three years of 1909.


Tri-County News (published by her brother Leslie)

5-15-1913 Miss Lida Sue Sims is visiting relatives near Dyer.

6-5-1913 Miss Lida Sims returned Saturday from a visit to relatives near Dyer.

7-31-1913 Miss Lida Sue Sims is visiting friends in Henry. (Her brother Paul lived in Henry.)

8-21-1913 Miss Lida Sue Sims returned Sunday from a visit to Henry TN.

9-4-1913 Miss Carrie Greer of Alamo was the guest of Miss Lida Sue Sims this week.

9-19-1913 Miss Lida Sue Sims has been quite sick for several days.

9-25-1913 Mr. & Mrs. J.T. Amos and children of near Dyer visited Dr. J.P. Sims and family this week...Paul Sims of Henry has been at the bedside of his sister. Miss Lida Sue has been quite sick.

12-11-1913 Mrs. J.P. Sims and daughter, Miss Lida Sue, are visiting near Dyer... Will Amos of Dyer was a visitor here Saturday and Sunday.

12-25-1913 Dr. J.P. Sims and daughter, Miss Lida Sue, were visitors in Maury City Saturday


1920 census, Crockett TN, Civil District 12, Tigret Road (renting):

JP Sims, 58, printer--newspaper company, born TN of father born in TN and mother born in Alabama (it looks like)

Wife Effie Sims, 47, born in TN of a father born in IN and a mother born in TN

Son Leslie Sims, 28, single, editor--newspaper

Daughter "Lydia" Sims, 19, single, typesetter in printing office.


Obituary (only have the clipping, so not sure what paper)

Mrs. W.L. Hardison

    Final rites were held Tuesday morning at 11 o'clock at the Friendship Church of Christ for Mrs. W.L. Hardison, who died in a Chicago hospital Saturday night after a heart attack. Norman Hogan, minister of the Friendship Church of Christ, officiated. Burial was in the Bellvernon Cemetery under the direction of Friendship Funeral Home.

    Born and raised in Crockett County, Lyda Sue was the daughter of the late Dr. and Mrs. J.P. Sims of Friendship. As a young woman, she assisted her father and brother, Leslie, in the publication of the Tri-County News. She moved to Chicago about 30 years ago and was a member of the Grand Ave. Church of Christ. She was 58.

    She leaves her husband, W.L. Hardison; a son, *** Hardison of Chicago; a daughter, Mrs. Bill *** of Denver, Colorado; two brothers, Leslie Sims, Editor of Sims Publications, Alamo, and Paul Sims, Editor of States Graphic, Brownsville, and five grandchildren.

    Active pallbearers were James Carman, Atlas Lipford, Ham Haley, John Henry York, Henry York, and Wallace Morgan, all of Friendship.


Death certificate in part:

Usual residence: 1832 North Springfield, Chicago

Name of hospital or institution: A.M. Billings

Length of stay: 12 days

Occupation: housewife

Born 8-21-1900 Tennessee, age 58, died 11-15-1958 at 7:55 p.m. Autopsy: yes

Father's name: John Sim (informant Bertha Reid of Hospital Records department)

Mother's full maiden name: Effie Amos

Immediate cause: Congestive heart failure of 3 months duration due to multiple pulmonary emboli of unknown duration

Burial to be handled by local funeral home of Friendship TN