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Tealitha Pate Coburn

born c.1858



1843-Bolin Green Pate






 c.1853-Mary (Nichols)

 1856-Sarah Pate (Quinley)




1880 census Elnorah Warmath's mother = Margaret Pate


Not sure all of these are Margaret Pate's children, some perhaps wards


married  12-14-1876

Crockett County to

James E. Coburn

born c. 1856



c.1877 Louisa/ Lola Elizabeth?


James M. Pate


Margaret Avery Pate

spouse's parents:




maternal grandparents:

BGHB Avery & Charity Brooks


paternal grandparents:


maternal aunts & uncles:

c.1823-Sarah Elizabeth Avery Babb; 1828-M.J. (Spencer & Bodkin); c.1829-James F Avery; c.1832-John H Avery; c.1834-Martha Avery Tatum; c.1836-Frances Avery Booth; c.1838-Emily Avery Tatum; c.1840-Henry Avery; c.1842-William A.G. Avery; c.1844-Thomas Avery; c.1846 Louisa/Margaret (Aspray)


paternal aunts & uncles:



1860 census, Gibson County District 4, post office Quincy

NOTE when children's birth order deviates from chronological, it often indicates they are not all of the same parents

J.M. Pate, age 41, "B. Smith", real estate value $1000, personal estate $1000, born Alabama

Margrett Pate, age 29, born TN

Bolin Pate, age 16

Amandie Pate, age 13

John Pate, age 8

Ann Pate, age 11

Mary Pate, age 7

Sarah Pate, age 5

"Tillitha" Pate (female) age 2

Elizabeth Armstrong, age 57, white, laborer, born TN

Frank Armstrong, age 18

(The Pates are household 443. Tealitha's maternal grandfather is household 441. Household 443 is her great-uncle Reuben Troy Sidney Avery. Household 446 is her maternal uncle Henry Babb)


Brother Bolin Green (BG) Pate was in the Civil War. Full account from his pension application papers on his page (many thanks to Alice Peterie for sending the copy). BG Pate married in 1866 in Gibson County to Mary A Williams.


Believe her father died before 1870, though his tombstone in the Avery Cemetery is broken, leaving date of death illegible. For a reason I have not come across, some researchers put his death date as 1906, but he is not with the family in the 1870 census onward. I presume this puts his death before 1870, because he wouldn't have merited a place in her family's graveyard if his absence was due to divorce.


1870 census, Gibson County TN, District 4, household 21

Maggie Pate, age 38/39, farmer, real estate value $500, personal estate $500, born TN

John Pate, 18, farm labor

Mary, 16

Sarah, 14

Ophelia, 12

Alice, 10

Jimmie (male) 6

(household 22 is her brother, Bolin Pate)


1871 her maternal grandfather, BGHB Avery, mentioned her siblings Emily, Amanda and BG in his will, as well as her maternal cousin BG Tatum.


12-14-1876 Crockett County marriage records: Tealitha Pate & J.E. Coburn


1880 census Dyer County District 2, household 178

JE Coburn, age 24, farmer, born TN of parents born TN

Tilitha Coburn, age 21

daughter Lu-- (half looks like Lucifer) age 3 (Luezer--Louisa?)

(household 179 is NT/NT Warmath & wife Elnorah--who must be one of Tilitha's sisters because Margaret Pate "mother-in-law" is also in the house along with James Pate. Household 176 is her brother BG)


Have not found them beyond 1880, however a 2001 post on genealogy.com by Carol Lumsden said that her great-grandmother, Lola Elizabeth Coburn, was the daughter of Jim Coburn and a Pate. Sounds like Lola Elizabeth and Louisa (born c.1877) may have been the same person.