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Cottie and her parents are mentioned in the Transcription of a taped 1998 conversation with her cousin, Mary Lou Hardison.

Cottie May Harwell Hooks Palmer

born 1885





her father's 2nd wife came to the marriage with these children:

c.1887-Morris Sims

c.1894-Tom Ward

c.1896-Jimmie Ward

c.1898-Willie Ward

c.1900-Ida Ward

c.1905-Fran? Ward

married 3-10-1907

Dyer County TN to

Carless Jewell Hooks

married 7-16-1911

in Dyer County TN to

L.G. Palmer

spouse 3

A.E. Terry



c.1908-Rufus Hooks

c.1912-Georgia Palmer?


Lewis C. Harwell


Artemesia Frances Hardison

(Fannie Harwell)


spouse 1's parents:

Mack D. Hooks & Mariah Reeves

spouse 2's parents:


spouse 3's parents:


maternal grandparents:

Asa Hardison &Clara Robeson

paternal grandparents:

Rufus Franklin Harwell &Jane/Maddie Burge


maternal aunts & uncles:


1844-Mary Ann Hardison, 1845-Sally Clark, 1846-Noah T. Hardison, 1848-Sophie Elizabeth, 1849-James H. Hardison, 1851-Asa Biggs Hardison, 1852-Jessie Hyman Hardison, 1854-Louisa Robertson,

1856-John Franklin Hardison, 1860-George Washington Hardison, 1863-Alonzo Edwin Hardison


paternal aunts & uncles:

India/Indiana, Cleopatra, BT (female), Nannie/Nancy Jane, Missouri, FP, 1851-Lonzo Coleman Harwell, 1855-Rufus King Harwell

According to sources on the internet, Cottie Mae is buried at Mount Moriah Cemetery (where her mother is buried) under the name Cottie Mae Harwell, though she married Jewel Hooks, L.G. Palmer and A.E. Terry (the last not verified). But the internet also says she was born 1890 and died 1946, when the 1900 census makes her five years older than that. Wonder also if this is the tombstone for the right Cottie simply because Great Aunt Mary Lou (Cottie's cousin) talked of her to her own niece, prompting her memory, as if the niece might have met Cottie. Unlikely if Cottie was dead before 1950.


1900 census, Dyer County TN, Civil District 2:

LC Harwell, age 41, born July 1858 in Alabama of parents born in VA, farmer, married 17 years

Wife Fannie, age 41, born May 1859 in TN of parents born in NC, married 17 years

Daughter Pearl, 16, born Aug 1883 in TN

Daughter "Cather" (Cottie), age14, born Oct 1885 in TN.

3-10-1907 Dyer County Marriage records show Cottie Harwell wed Jewell Hooks. He was 17 years old and Cottie was 22 (worth noting only because Elmer Hooks, presumably his brother, is shown in the 1910 census as 17 years old with a 23 year old wife, married for four months.)

3-28-1907 Dyersburg State Gazette: "Dyer College--Since our last report, Jewel Hooks and Miss Harwell have been united in marriage..."

1910 census, Dyer County District 2 (Fanny's daughter with her father & new stepmother):

Louis C. Harwell, age 51, in marriage 2 for 6 months, farmer, born TN, parents born TN

wife Mattie Harwell, age 44, in marriage 3 for 6 months, mother of 6, all living, TN-TN-TN

daughter Cottie Harwell, age 25, single

stepson Morris Sims, age 23, farm labor, TN-TN-TN

stepson Tom Ward, age 16, farm labor, TN-TN-TN

stepson Jimie? Ward, age 14, farm labor, TN-TN-TN

stepson Willie/Willis Ward, age 12, farm labor TN-TN-TN

stepdaughter Ida Ward, age 10 TN-TN-TN

stepdaughter Fran? Ward, age 5 (transcriber put her name as "Fun")

grandson Rufus Hooks, age 2 TN-TN-TN

NOTE that Cottie is back to being a Harwell, and is listed as S, single, not D, divorced.

note also that she named her son Rufus, and her Grandfather Harwell was Rufus Franklin Harwell

To read about the family of her short-time husband and his life post-Cottie, click here: Jewell


7-16-1911 Dyer County marriage records show Cottie May Harwell wed L.G. Palmer


1920 census Dyer District 2, Friendship written along margin

(tracking Rufus Hooks, remembered by sons of Fanny's brothers Leland and Vinas)

Gamie/Samie? Palmer, age 50, farmer, ALA-MS-MS

wife Georgie, age 33, TN-TN-TN

daughter Georgia, age 8

stepson Rufus Hooks, age 12

Not sure why Cottie is called Georgie in this census, if it is still her, but note that her father, Lewis C. Harwell, was for some reason sometimes called George.


Rufus Hooks wed Ruby and had son Milton.


Carless Jewell Hooks:


1900 census, Dyer District 2, Bonicord (same page as Cottie's aunt Lizzie)

Mack Hooks, age 40, born Aug 1859, married 15 yrs, TN-NC-NC

wife Mariah, age 39, born Feb 1861, married 15 yrs, mother of 9, 6 living, MS-MS-MS

stepson Freddie? Morris, age 18, born Feb 1882, TN-MS-MS

stepson C-illegible Morris, age 16, born Nov 1883, TN-MS-MS

son Jewell Hooks, age 10, born Oct. 1889, TN-TN-MS

son Elmer Hooks, age 8, born Aug 1891

son Allen Hooks, age 2, born May 1897

son Willie/Willis, age 7 months, born Sept 1899


3-10-1907 at age 17 he wed Cottie Harwell (see the blurb in the State Gazette above). She had son Rufus c. 1908, but the marriage was apparently annulled.


1910 census, Dyer County District 2

(one household away from Cottie's aunt Lizzie Clark)

M.D. Hooks, age 53, in 2nd marriage for 22 yrs, farmer, TN-TN-TN

wife Mariah, age 51, in marriage 1 for 22 years, mother of ten, five living, MS-MS-MS

son Carles J., age 19, single

son John A, age 14

daughter Lorene, age 8

next household, but son of M.D. Hooks

Elmer Hooks, age 17, married 4 months, farmer

wife Esther, age 23, married 4 months

(same census she is with her father & new stepmother, has son Rufus, and is listed as single)


7-16-1911 his previous wife, Cottie Harwell, wed L.G. Palmer in Dyer County

1-14-1912 C.J. Hooks wed Tennie May Day in Dyer County.


Mentions of Hooks family in Dyersburg State Gazette

1-7-1916 "Route One--Walter Smith will make his home with Jewel Hooks this year..."

 3-10-1916 "Mount Pisgah--Mr & Mrs. M.D. Hooks were guests Sunday of Mr & Mrs Ed Robertson..."

3-3-1916 "Mr & Mrs Jewel Hooks of Cross Roads spent Saturday night with his father, M.D. Hooks..."

3-17-1916 "Cross Roads--Allen Hooks and sister, Miss Lorene, of Mount Pisgah, spent Wednesday night with their brother, Jewel Hooks and wife..."

4-4-1916 "Mrs Reeves of Mount Pisgah spent one night last week with Mr & Mrs Jewel Hooks..." (Jewel's mother, Mariah, had the maiden name Reeves, so this may be his grandmother)


1917 draft registration

Carless Jewell Hooks, age 27, born 10-23-1889 in Dyer County. Current home: Tigrett. Occupation: farming. Tall, stout, with blue eyes and light brown hair. Reason for exemption: support of wife and two children.


4-12-1927 death of Carless Jewell Hooks, taken from Curry Funeral Home Records as transcribed by Natalie Huntley for the Dyer County page of the Tennessee Gen Web. Jewell Hooks, son of M.D. Hooks of TN. Mother's maiden name Reeves. Mother's place of birth: Mississippi. Died 4-12-1927 at South Fork, age 38, burial Zion Hill. Charge to Mrs. Jewell Hooks & E.G. Hooks. Order given by E.G. Hooks (probably his brother Elmer).