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George Lewis Letsinger


 May1844 to1908

Note that the name was alternately often spelled Ledsinger




 1824-Ruth Hannah Letsinger

 1826-John Michael Letsinger

 1828-Margaret E

 1831-Mary Eveline Letsinger

 1833-William T Letsinger

 1835-Sarah Letsinger

 1837-Louisa Letsinger

 1839-James Herman

 1842-Emily Caroline

 1850-Isabelle Letsinger

 1850-Matilda Letsinger





Rebecca Everett


(dates & surname unverified)




 c.1871-James H

 1872-Louella (Williams)


 c.1878-Joseph D

 1879-William Franklin


 1883-Lewis Albert

 1885-Vernie (female)


 note that Verny is listed as daughter in 1900 census, but with parents from different states than all the other children, but in next census she lines up.



George Letsinger


Nancy Hefley Letsinger


spouse's parents:

maternal grandparents:

Michael Hefley &

Margaret "Peggy" Hamilton


paternal grandparents:

John Michael Ledsinger & Rutha Fennell


maternal aunts & uncles:

1801-Mary Hefley Dunlap; 1806-Sarah Hefley Carter; 1808-Elizabeth Hefley (Rosamon); 1811-William Hefley; c.1813-James Hefley; 1816-Henry Hefley


paternal aunts & uncles:



1830 census, Carroll County TN (one extra female child, perhaps a daughter who did not survive)

George Letsinger

1 male under 5 (John)

1 male 20-30 (George)

2 females under 5 (Rutha + unknown girl)

1 female 5-10 (Margaret)

1 female 20-30 (Nancy)


1840 census, Carroll County TN (2 daughters seem to be missing)

George Letsinger

1 male under 5 (James H)

1 male 5-10 (William)

1 male 10-15 (John)

1 male 30-40 (George)

1 female under 5 (Louisa)

1 female 5-10 (Sarah should be 5, Mary 9)

1 female 15-20 (Rutha should be 16, Margaret12)

1 female 30-40 (Nancy)


1850 census, Carroll County TN, District 8

George Letsinger, age 48, farmer, born SC, estate value $600

Nancy A. Letsinger, age 44, born SC

Rutha M, age 26, born SC

John (M?), age 24, farmer, born SC

Margaret E, age 22, born TN

Mary E, age 19, born TN

William T, age 17, born TN

Sarah A, age 15, born TN

Louisa M, age 13, born TN

James H, age 11, born TN

Emily C, age 8, born TN

George L, age 6, born TN

Isabella, age 1, born TN

(next household is John Letsinger, 24, born SC & Mary C., age 19, born TN)


1860 census, Carroll County TN, District 8

George Letsinger, age 58, farmer, $1500/$650, born SC

Nancy, age 56, born SC

James H, age 21, farm laborer, born TN

Caroline, age 18

George L, age 16

Isabella, age 11

Matilda, age 9

Mary, age 7


The Civil War Pension Index has George Ledsinger "alias Lewis" with widow Rebecca Ledsinger applying for the pension after his death 11-25-1908 (and it looks like he himself applied for the pension as an invalid, but the date is illegible). He also served on the Union side. (Note that George's brother James also was in the Civil War, enlisted 11-30-1863 and killed 3 months later. George's first son, James H, is likely named for his dead brother.)


1870 census, Carroll County TN, District 8

G. Ledsinger, age 68, farmer, $800/$300, born SC

Nancy, age 64, keeping house, born SC

Isabelle, age 21, born TN

Lewis, age 26, works farm, born TN

Mary I, age 17, born TN


1880 census, Carroll County TN, District 8, District 14

Lewis Ledsinger, age 35, farming, born TN of parents born NC (this changes)

wife Rebca, age 32, keeping home, born TN of parents born TN

son James H, age 9, born TN

daughter Lueler, age 7, born TN

daughter Martha, E, age 5

son Joseph D, age 2

son William F, 5 months (census taken in June)


1900 census, Carroll County TN, Civil District 8, enumeration district 127, household 10

George Ledsinger, age 56, born May 1844, married 29 years, farmer, born TN, father born TN, mother born VA (changed)

wife Rebecca, age 52, born Nov 1847, mother of 7, six living, born TN of parents born TN

daughter Louella, age 27, born Dec 1872, single, born TN of parents born TN

daughter Mary, age 19, born Aug 1881, born TN of parents born TN

son Louis A, age 17, born May 1883, born TN of parents born TN

daughter Verny, age 14, born Nov 1885, born TN of parents born in VA (census taker error? Alters next census)


1900 census, Butler County Iowa, Shell Rock Township, District 70

NOTE these may not be the right boys but William names a son Claude

Claude Adair, age 26, born Feb 1874, married 1 year, farmer, born Iowa, father born Iowa, mother born Mass.

wife Inez?, age 25, born Apr 1875, mother of 1, one surviving, born Iowa, father's birth not listed, mother Mass.

son Rex? G, age 0, born Jan 1900, born Iowa

servant James H. Ledsinger, age 24, born Aug 1875, farm labor, TN-TN-TN

servant William F. Ledsinger, age 19, born Dec 1880, farm labor, TN-TN-TN


1910 census, Carroll County TN, Civil District 8, District 24, household 50

Albert L Ledsinger, age 26, single, farmer, born TN of parents born TN

mother Rebecca, age 62, widow, born TN of parents born TN

sister Vernie L, age 24, single, born TN of parents born TN


1910 census Madison County TN, Bemis, District 160

George S. Williams, age 46, in 2nd marriage for 6 years, manager/pool room

wife Lou, age 36, in 1st marriage for 6 years, mother of 2, two surviving

daughter Josie, age 24, weaver/Cotton Mill

daughter Ester, age 16, spinner/Cotton Mill

son Ephraham, age 14, office/Cotton Mill

son Benjamin, age 12

son Louis, age 4

daughter Ophelia, five months

boarder Earnest Kelly, age 22, single, white, salesman/general store, TN-TN-TN


1918 WWI draft registration:

    Lewis Albert Ledsinger, age 35, address looks like 3 4th Bemis, Madison Co., born May 4, 1883. Nearest kin: Mrs. Rebecca Ledsinger of same address. Occupation: Cotton Mill Operator for Jackson Fibre Co of Bemis, Madison Co. Of medium height and stout build with brown eyes and black hair. 

    William Franklin Ledsinger, age 38, address illegible to me, born Dec. 18, 1879, self employed farmer. Nearest kin: Lizzie Ledsinger of same address. Of medium build and medium height with light brown eyes and dark brown hair, slightly bald.


1920 census, Madison County TN, Civil District 1, District 155

Albert Ledsinger, age 35, single, laborer/Cotton Mill, TN-TN-TN

mother Rebecca, age 72, widow, no occupation

brother-in-law George S. Williams, age 56, no occupation, TN-TN-TN

sister Lou Williams, age 48, housekeeper/own house

boarder George E Williams, age 27, clerk/general store, TN-TN-TN

boarder Clarence B Williams, age 22, pipefitter

boarder Louis S Williams, age 13

boarder Ophelia C Williams, age 9

(looking to 1880 Carroll County census, George S. Williams s/o Ephram born c.1825 & Frances A born c.1837)


1920 census, Carroll County TN, District 2, District 18

William F. Ledsinger, age 40, farmer, born TN of parents born TN

wife Lizzie, age 33, TN-TN-TN

son Gerie? age 12

son Frank, age 10

son James, age 8

son "Herald" age 6

son Claude, age 3 (note that in 1900 William F may have been working for Claude Adair)