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Matilda Letsinger Shaw

born Dec 1850

Some internet sources give a birth date of 4-28-1847 and death date of 1919, but that birth date conflicts with census info. However in 1900 census Matilda gives her birth date as Dec 1850 and her supposed sister Isabelle gives her birth info as Nov 1850--something fishy.




 1824-Ruth Hannah Letsinger

 1826-John Michael Letsinger

 1828-Margaret E

 1831-Mary Eveline Letsinger

 1833-William T Letsinger

 1835-Sarah Letsinger

 1837-Louisa Letsinger

 1839-James Herman

 1842-Emily Caroline

 1844-George Lewis Letsinger

 1850-Isabelle Letsinger



1869 Carroll Co. TN

marriage records

show M.C. Letsinger


J.P. Shaw

internet sources say John Pate Shaw

c.1840 to c.1910



of Matilda Shaw

note that Matilda listed herself as mother of only 4. See notes below 1900 census


 c.1873-Mary J

 1875-Med/Wm D

 c1879-Sarah J

 1882-Robert W

 1888 Laura M

 1900-Lula P




George Letsinger


Nancy Hefley Letsinger


spouse's parents:

maternal grandparents:

Michael Hefley &

Margaret "Peggy" Hamilton


paternal grandparents:

John Michael Ledsinger & Rutha Fennell


maternal aunts & uncles:

1801-Mary Hefley Dunlap; 1806-Sarah Hefley Carter; 1808-Elizabeth Hefley (Rosamon); 1811-William Hefley; c.1813-James Hefley; 1816-Henry Hefley


paternal aunts & uncles:


1860 census, Carroll County TN, District 8

George Letsinger, age 58, farmer, $1500/$650, born SC

Nancy, age 56, born SC

James H, age 21, farm laborer, born TN

Caroline, age 18

George L, age 16

Isabella, age 11

Matilda, age 9

Mary, age 7


1869 Carroll County TN marriage index: M.C. Letsinger & J.P. Shaw


1870 census, Carroll County TN, District 8, house 106

NOTE household 109 is Alman family--wife Caroline may be Matilda's sister Emily Caroline

John Shaw, age 33, works on farm, born TN

Matilda, age 20


1880 census, Lake County TN, Civil District 2, district 77

John B Shaw, age 40, farmer, born TN of parents born NC

wife Matilda, age 29, born TN of parents born TN

-- Mary J, age 7 (no relationship is listed)

son Med, age 5

daughter Sarah J, age 1

no relation Jas H Gentry (?), age 16, laborer


1900 census, Lake County TN, civil district 5, district 80, household 43

John P Shaw, age 60, born Mar 1840, married 29 years, born TN, parents born NC

wife Matilda, age 49, born Dec 1850, mother of 4, all surviving, born TN, father born SC, mother born TN

son Robt W, age 18, born Apr 1882

daughter Laura M, age 12, born Feb 1888

daughter Lula P, age 9, born June 1891

household 44

Wm D Shaw, age 24, born Sept 1875, farm laborer

wife Henrietta, age 21, born Jan 1870, mother of 1, one surviving, born MO of parents born MO
son James D, age 4 months, born Jan 1900

PROBLEM: Matilda is clearly listed as mother of 4, with 4 surviving, but add up these two listing and get:

c1873-pos daughter Mary J of 1880 census

c1875-son Med of 1880 census

1875 pos. son Wm D of 1900 census

c1879-Sarah J of 1880 census

1882-Robert W

1888-Laura M

1891-Lula P

Best guess: There is a reason no relationship is listed for Mary J in 1880, and she is not a daughter; additionally "Wm D" living next door in 1900 is Med Shaw, as evidenced by wife Etta in data below, but this still leaves one child too many, unless John P Shaw was in his second marriage, and some of the 1880 census children are his but not Matilda's.


1910 census, Lake County TN, civil district 5, district 90

Med Shaw, age 34, married 11 years

wife Etta, age 30, mother of 7, four living

son John, age 10

daughter Vera, age 7

daughter Hattie, age 5

daughter Mary, age 3 months (census taken in April)

mother Matilda, age 59, widow

sister Lula, age 18


1918 WWI draft registration

Med Shaw, age 43, born 9-6-1875, farmer working for self, living in Ridgely TN, Lake County, nearest kin Etta Shaw of same address. Of Medium height and slender build with blue eyes and light brown hair.