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John Michael Letsinger

born 9-9-1826

Note that the name was alternately often spelled Ledsinger





 1824-Ruth Hannah Letsinger

 1828-Margaret E

 1831-Mary Eveline Letsinger

 1833-William T Letsinger

 1835-Sarah Letsinger

 1837-Louisa Letsinger

 1839-James Herman

 1842-Emily Caroline

 1844-George Lewis Letsinger

 1850-Isabelle Letsinger

 1850-Matilda Letsinger






born 1834

online family trees put his wife as

Mary C Giles/Gillis born 1834

wed 10-7-1849. This meshes if the C is an E, making her

Mary ESTHER Giles/Gillis





 c.1865-Sarah E

 c.1866-Nancy B

 c.1867-Mary M

 1870-Eliza J


 Internet One World Tree lists Amanda as wed 3-24-1881 in Howell Co. MO to N.C. Clement, but gives no sources to back up the info.



George Letsinger


Nancy Hefley Letsinger


spouse's parents:

maternal grandparents:

Michael Hefley &

Margaret "Peggy" Hamilton


paternal grandparents:

John Michael Ledsinger & Rutha Fennell


maternal aunts & uncles:

1801-Mary Hefley Dunlap; 1806-Sarah Hefley Carter; 1808-Elizabeth Hefley (Rosamon); 1811-William Hefley; c.1813-James Hefley; 1816-Henry Hefley


paternal aunts & uncles:



1830 census, Carroll County TN (one extra female child, perhaps a daughter who did not survive)

George Letsinger

1 male under 5 (John)

1 male 20-30 (George)

2 females under 5 (Rutha + unknown girl)

1 female 5-10 (Margaret)

1 female 20-30 (Nancy)


1840 census, Carroll County TN (2 daughters seem to be missing)

George Letsinger

1 male under 5 (James H)

1 male 5-10 (William)

1 male 10-15 (John)

1 male 30-40 (George)

1 female under 5 (Louisa)

1 female 5-10 (Sarah should be 5, Mary 9)

1 female 15-20 (Rutha should be 16, Margaret12)

1 female 30-40 (Nancy)


1850 census, Carroll County TN, District 8

George Letsinger, age 48, farmer, born SC, estate value $600

Nancy A. Letsinger, age 44, born SC

Rutha M, age 26, born SC

John M, age 24, farmer, born SC

Margaret E, age 22, born TN

Mary E, age 19, born TN

William T, age 17, born TN

Sarah A, age 15, born TN

Louisa M, age 13, born TN

James H, age 11, born TN

Emily C, age 8, born TN

George L, age 6, born TN

Isabella, age 1, born TN

(next household is John Letsinger, 24, born SC & Mary C., age 19, born TN)


1870 census, Howell County Missouri, Benton Township, household 107

John M Ledsinger, age 44, farmer, real estate value $500/pers estate $400, born SC, check in columns for cannot read & for cannot write

Esther, age 36, keeping house, born TN (she can read and write)

Amanda, age 7, born Missouri (as are all the kids)

Sarah E, age 5

Nancy B, age 4

Mary, age 3

Eliza J, age 2 months (census taken in July)

NOTE household 108 is his sister Ruth Letsinger Collins


1880 census, Howell County MO, Benton district 50, household 17

John M Ledsinger, age 53, farmer, born SC of parents born SC, checked for cannot write, but now he can read

wife Hester A, age 46, keeping house, born TN of father born VA and mother born SC

daughter Amanda C, age 17, at home, born MO

daughter Sarah E, age 15, at home, born MO

daughter Nancy B, age 13, at home, born MO

daughter Mary M, age 11, at home, born MO