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William T Letsinger

born 1833

Note that the name was alternately often spelled Ledsinger




 1824-Ruth Hannah Letsinger

 1826-John Michael Letsinger

 1828-Margaret E

 1831-Mary Eveline Letsinger

 1835-Sarah Letsinger

 1837-Louisa Letsinger

 1839-James Herman

         died 1864 Civil War

 1842-Emily Caroline

 1844-George Lewis Letsinger

 1850-Isabelle Letsinger

 1850-Matilda Letsinger


married c.1858


Sabina Elizabeth

born 1840

unsourced Internet One World Tree lists her as "Selena" Elizabeth Collins





 1860-John Letsinger

 1863-Daniel W Letsinger

 Feb1866-Jasper D Letsinger

 Feb 1866-Liza A

 1872-George H Letsinger

 c.1872-Nancie M

 1876-Mary Ledsinger Rigby



George Letsinger


Nancy Hefley Letsinger


spouse's parents:


Daniel Collins

& Miranda Lett

maternal grandparents:

Michael Hefley &

Margaret "Peggy" Hamilton


paternal grandparents:

John Michael Ledsinger & Rutha Fennell


maternal aunts & uncles:

1801-Mary Hefley Dunlap; 1806-Sarah Hefley Carter; 1808-Elizabeth Hefley (Rosamon); 1811-William Hefley; c.1813-James Hefley; 1816-Henry Hefley


paternal aunts & uncles:



1840 census, Carroll County TN (2 daughters seem to be missing)

George Letsinger

1 male under 5 (James H)

1 male 5-10 (William)

1 male 10-15 (John)

1 male 30-40 (George)

1 female under 5 (Louisa)

1 female 5-10 (Sarah should be 5, Mary 9)

1 female 15-20 (Rutha should be 16, Margaret12)

1 female 30-40 (Nancy)


1850 census, Carroll County TN, District 8

George Letsinger, age 48, farmer, born SC, estate value $600

Nancy A. Letsinger, age 44, born SC

Rutha M, age 26, born SC

John (M?), age 24, farmer, born SC

Margaret E, age 22, born TN

Mary E, age 19, born TN

William T, age 17, born TN

Sarah A, age 15, born TN

Louisa M, age 13, born TN

James H, age 11, born TN

Emily C, age 8, born TN

George L, age 6, born TN

Isabella, age 1, born TN

(next household is John Letsinger, 24, born SC & Mary C., age 19, born TN)


1860 census, Carroll County TN, District 8

household 967

William T. Letsinger, age 26, servant, personal estate value $250, born TN

Sabina E, age 22, born TN

Sarah, age 1, born TN

household 968

George Letsinger, age 58, farmer, $1500/$650, born SC

Nancy, age 56, born SC

James H, age 21, farm laborer, born TN

Caroline, age 18

George L, age 16

Isabella, age 11

Matilda, age 9

Mary, age 7


2 of his brothers served on the Union side in the Civil War. Have found William Letsingers in the Civil War, and one on the Union side from Carroll County, but can't verify it's him.


1870 census, Carroll County, District 7

Wm T Ledsinger, age 37, farmer, real estate value $500/pers estate $400, born TN, check in column "Cannot Write"

Sabina E, age 31, keeping house, born TN

Sarah, age 11, born TN

John N, age 9

Jas D, age 7 (note it is written over, suspect census error--should be Daniel W)

Jasper D, age 4

Eliza A, age 1


1880 census, Carroll County TN, civil district 13, enumeration district 18, household 150

William T Letsinger, age 46, farmer, born TN, parents born SC

wife Linie E (guessing Binie for Sabina), age 42, keeping house, born TN, parents birth states not filled in

daughter Sarah, age 21, checked in column for married but surname listed Letsinger, born TN

son John N, age 18

son Daniel W, age 16

son Jasper D, age 14

daughter Liza A, age 12

son George H, age 10

daughter Nancie M, age 8

daughter Mary C, age 6


1900 census Carroll County TN, Civil District 13, district 132

census page overwritten in places, making some names illegible

household 204

John Ledsinger (William's son), age 39, born Nov. 1860, married 14 years, farmer TN-TN-TN

wife Fanny?Tommy? age 35, born Aug 1865, mother of 1, one surviving, TN-TN-TN

daughter Nova, age 4, born May 1896

household 205

Daniel Ledsinger (William's son), age 37, born Aug 1863, married 14 years, farmer TN-TN-TN

wife Lou?, age 32, born Feb 1868, mother of 4, four surviving TN-TN-TN

daughter Ethel, age 12, born Dec 1888

son Crofford (William Crawford by his draft registration), age 8, born Feb 1892

daughter Susie, age 6, born Jan 1894

daughter Carrie, age 3, born Jan 1897

mother-in-law Susie Pendergrass, age 66, widow, born May 1834, TN-TN-TN

household 206 John Pendergrass age 39 and family

household 207

(birth year and proximity make this probably William himself)

illegible Ledsinger (assume William), age 67, born May 1833, married 42 yrs, farmer, TN-SC-SC

wife Lizzie, age 60, born May? 1840, mother of 8 all surviving

daughter Louesy? (assume Liza) age 34, born Feb 1866, single (transcriber guessed Lanesey)

daughter Mary, age 24, born May 1876, widow, mother of one, one surviving

daughter Georgie?, age 3, born July 1897

(note: by 1920 & 1930 data, dau Mary = Mary Rigby & Georgie is her daughter)

household 208

Geo Ledsinger (William's son George), age 28, born May 1872, married 3 years, farmer

wife Linie? Semie?, age 20, born May 1880, mother of 1, one surviving

son Alford, age 1, born May 1899 (John Alfred, see draft registration below)

NOTE son Jasper D same County, different district


1920 census, Carroll County TN, civil district 13, enumeration district 21

household 76

JJ Ledsinger (pos Jasper's son, William's grandson James), age 25, farmer TN-TN-TN (age should be 28--did I misread it?)

wife Nonie (Nona), age 25

son JD, age 8

daughter Allie/Ollie B, age 6

household 79

JD Ledsinger (William's son Jasper), age 63, farmer, TN-TN-TN (census error or mine, age should prob be 53)

wife MA/WA? age 48

household 80

GH Ledsinger (William's son George), age 50, widowed, farmer, TN-TN-TN

son Alford, age 19 (note he listed himself as 19 two years previously in draft registration)

sister Mary (William's daughter), age 42, widow, helper/home (surname should be Rigby--see 1930)

sister Liza (William's daughter), age 48, single, helper/home

niese? (niece?) possibly says Georgina? age 20, single


1930 census, Carroll County TN, civil district 13, enumeration district 16

household 137

Jasper Ledsinger (William's son), age 64, 20 at first marriage, no occupation listed, TN-TN-TN

wife Bessie, age 41, 36 at first marriage, no occupation, TN-TN-TN

household 138

Henry Ledsinger (Jasper's son, William's grandson), age 42, married at 20, farmer, TN-TN-TN

wife Mary, age , married at 21

daughter Bettie, age 20, laborer/farm

daughter Pauline, age 15, laborer/farm

daughter Virgie, age 14

daughter Gladys, age 11

daughter Morgan, age 10 (there is a WWII draft record for a Morgan Ledsinger, right age, right county, seems male)

daughter Ella Jane, age 7

daughter Hazel, age 5

son TJ, age three months (census taken in April)

household 141

George Ledsinger (William's son), age 58, widowed, farmer, TN-TN-TN

sister Eliza (William's daughter), age 60, single

sister Mary Rigby (William's daughter), age 52, widowed