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Troy H. Avery

8-27-1846/47 to 4-28-1911




 c.1844-Drew Avery (Drury Vinson)

 c.1845-Emeline (Boswell)

 c.1848-Rose Anna (Boswell, Boon, Wellborn)

 1850-Ascenith (Sims)


 c.1859-Cilthy/Zilpha (Ray)

 c.1861-Nancy (Boswell)




Mary E.

8-3-1855 to 4-9-1887

 & Sarah "Sallie" Smith

married 1-27-1889



1876 Romulus & Remus

1882-Blanch (Tucker)

1884-Ascenith (Sutton)


1890-John Buchanan

1894-Troy H

c.1903-Harry S

1906-Rosamond (Middleton)

c.1907-Jollia? (female)





James A. Avery


Sarah "Sallie" Lanier

Sallie's parents:

John Bimmery Smith


Julia Ann Rosamon

maternal grandparents:

Hosea Lanier & Rachel


paternal grandparents:

Alexander Averet Jr. & Elizabeth Vinson

maternal aunts & uncles:


paternal aunts & uncles:

1800-Eliza Warren; 1803-BGHB Avery; 1807-Winifred McEwen; 1809-Rev. William "Alexander" Avery; 1811-Drury Vinson Avery; 1813-Troy; 1815-John Avery; 1817-Reuben T. "Sidney" Avery;

1820-HDC Avery; c.1825-Sarah Elizabeth Avery (McDouglad)(Hall)



1850 census, Gibson County District 4:

(household below his grandmother, Elizabeth, and aunt Winifred McEwen, household before his uncle John)

James Avery, age 28, born NC, estate value $400

Sarah, age 29, born NC

Drury age 6, born TN

Emeline, age 5, born TN

Troy, age 4, born TN

Rosanna, age 2, born TN

Anna, 1 month (census taken in October)


1860 census, Gibson District 10 (household below his uncle JW Avery)

J. Avery, age 38, born NC, real estate value $2600, personal estate $4000

Sarah, age 38, born NC

Drewry age 16

Troy, age 14

Rosanna, age 11

Sanny, age 10 (Ascenith)

James, age 4

Zilpha, age 1


1870 census, Gibson County, District 20, Post Office Robinsonville

(near the households of his uncle Drury's children with what might be his aunt Winnie, his uncle Henry, his uncle John W)

J.A. Avery, age 48, born in NC

Sallie, age 48, born in NC

Troy, age 28, born in TN

Ceneth, age 20 (female) born in TN (Ascenith)

James, age 14, born in TN

Cilthy (Zilpha?) age 11 (female) born in TN

Nance, age 9, (female) born in TN

Addie, age 6, born in TN


Married Mary E ? before 1876


7-6-1876 twin sons Romulus and Remus (acc. to tombstones Providence Cemetery, Crockett County, see below)

9-28-1877 Romulus died


1880 census, Crockett County, Crockett Mills, District 9, Enumeration District 6, household 19

T.H. Avery, age 32, farmer, born TN of parents born in NC

wife Mary E, age 22, born TN of parents born NC

son Remus H, age 4

daughter "Madie" age 1

Jno Nichols, relationship: "bound", white, age 9, born TN of parents born TN

Mollie Bodkins, no relationship listed, white, age 9, born TN of parents born TN


4-9-1887 death of first wife Mary E. (acc. to tombstone, see below)


Crockett County marriage records TH Avery to Sallie Smith 1-27-1889 (Sally=Sarah)


1900 census, Crockett County TN, District 7 Enumeration District 6, household 188

Troy Avery, age 52, born Aug 1847, married 11 years, farmer, born TN of parents born in NC

wife Sarah, age 31, born March 1869, mother of two, both living, born TN of parents born TN

daughter Blanche, age 17, born Aug. "1872" (must mean 1882)

daughter "Seinah"? age 15, born Sept 1884 (Ascenith)

son James P, age 13, born Arp 1887

son Buchanan, age 9, born Nov 1890

son Troy H, age 5, born Oct 1894 (Note that only Buchanan & Troy are Sarah's apparently)

household 181 (not sure who this John is, or how related)

John H. Avery, age 40, born Apr 1860, married 20 yrs, farmer, born TN of parents born NC

wife Mattie, age 40, born Dec 1859, mother of 4, two living, TN-TN-TN

son Troy S, age 10, born Nov 1889


1910 census, Crockett County, CD7 or 10?, household 17

Troy H Avery, age 63, in 2nd marriage 21 years, farmer, TN-NC-NC

wife Sarah L, age 41, in 1st marriage 21 years, mother of 4, all living

son John B, age 19

son T.H., age 15

son Harry S, age 7

daughter "Jollia" R or N?, age 3

household 11 (not sure who this James is)

James H Avery, age 23, first marriage "26" years (maybe it says 4?), farmer, TN-TN-TN

wife Cora C, age 22, mother of one, one living, TN-TN-TN (also m1 for "26" years)

son Reamus A, age 20 months (census taken in April)

(NOTE: household 15 is the William Hefley household. William s/o Ida's cousin Harriet Della Warmath Hefley)


3-4-1911 Will of T.H. Avery (probated May Term 1911) (No idea why only three of his children are named)

In essence gives wife Sallie "all my personal property of every description, including notes, money and other evidences of debt...al my lands...in Crockett Co...during her natural life. Then the same to descend as the law directs as though now will had ever been made." Names daughters Blanch Tucker and Cenith Sutton & son James C. Avery each to get $500. Appoints Sallie executrix without bond. Witnesses C.A. Goodloe, A.J. Bell & Jno. F. Peal.


After his death his wife apparently remarries to a Penick (see will below at 1944)


1920 census, Crockett County, District 7, household 141 (Troy son of this Troy)

Troy H. Avery, age 25, farmer-trader, TN-TN-TN

wife Lida Sue, age 23, TN-TN-TN

son Earl, age 3

son T.H. Jr

hireling Walter Bolton, age 25, black, farm laborer

(NOTE Crockett County marriage records T.H. Avery & Lyda Sue Wainwright 12-25-1913)


Humboldt Courier Chronicle 3-5-1920

News from Alamo: Mrs. Buchana Avery has been very low with uremic poisoning, and her condition is reported no better this morning was we write this. All her friends are praying her life may be spared for the sake of her two babies.--LATER: news on Wednesday--Mrs. Buchanan Avery died this morning after 10 days of intense suffering. She leaves two small children, her husband, mother and three sisters.


7-6-1944 will of Sarah Avery Pennick (probated 3-13-1950)

Mentions sons T.H. Avery (dec'd), J.B. Avery Sr, and Harry S. Avery, and daughter Julia Rosemond Avery.

Names grandsons T.H. Avery & Erroll Avery, children of T.H. Avery (matching sons of T.H. Avery & Lyda Wainwright)

Mentions owning 2/7 interest in the Avery Home Place (7th Civil District, Crockett Co) deeded by James H Avery & Cenith Sutton (TH's siblings)/ Executors were her sons, Harry S & JB Avery Sr. Witnesses, James B Nance and Leslie Sims


Crockett County Sentinel, 5-12-1949

Avery & Jordan--The Alamo Baptist Church was the setting for the wedding of Ruth Avery, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Troy Avery, of Alamo, to J. W. Jordan, son of Mr. & Mrs. J. T. Jordan of Crockett


Crockett County Sentinel Thursday 3-9-1950: Mrs. Sarah Avery Penick of Alamo passed away on Wednesday, March 8th. Services were held in the Alamo Baptist Church on March 10, burial in Alamo Cemetery. Mrs. Penick, better known to her friends as "Miss Sallie" or "Mammy," was 81 years of age, having been born at Gadsden, Crockett County on 12-13-1868, the daughter of John Bimmery Smith and Julia Rosemond Smith. She was married to Troy H. Avery in 1911*. After being a widow for 21 years, she married Dr. Isaac Newton Penick, Dean of Theology at Union University in Jackson, TN. She leaves three children: JB Avery Sr., attorney; and Harry S. Avery, Special Investigator of Alamo; and Mrs. Rosemond Glosup, teacher of Music of Houston Texas, together with T.H. Avery and E.T. Avery, children of her deceased son, T.H. Avery. She also leaves her sister, Mrs. Nannie Dillon of Memphis, and five grandchildren, Mrs. Blanche Avery Tucker of Dallas, Texas; Mrs. Lellie Penick Carlton of Orlando, FL; Kay Penick of Winchester, KY; John Penick of New York City; Warren Penick of Atlanta, GA, and the children of deceased step-son, J.H. Avery of Marston MO. Besides the above named grandsons, she leaves 7 others, JB Avery Jr. of Alamo, Mrs. Sara Avery Emison of Alamo, Dr. James Kelly Avery of Norfolk, VA, Harry S. Avery Jr, Bruce Avery and Steve Avery of Alamo, and Mrs. Betty Sue Slaughter of Johnson City, TN, together with eight great-grandchildren.

 (*NOTE Crockett County marriage records show Sallie Smith marrying T.H. Avery 1-27-1889 and Sarah Avery marrying I.N. Penick 12-8-1932. 1911 is the year Troy Avery died, not the year he married her--which jibes with 21 years as widow.)


10-8-1993 Ronk Funeral Home Records (Contributed to Crockett Page of Rootsweb by Tom Childers)

Rosamon Avery Middleton, born 11-7-1906 in Alamo, daughter of T.H. Avery & Sarah, died 10-8-1993, buried Alamo Cemetery



Providence Cemetery Old Section, Crockett County

Troy H. Avery, 8-27-1846 to 4-28-1911

M.E. Avery w/o TH 8-3-1855 to 4-9-1887

Romulus Avery 7-6-1876 to 9-28-1877

Remus Avery 7-6-1876 to 5-23-1896 s/o TH & SE


Alamo City Cemetery

John Buchanan Avery 1890-1973

Edwin Efland Avery 1892-1920 (married John Buchanan 1915)

Josie Kelly Morris Avery 1890-1978 (married JB 1922)

T.H. Avery (s/o TH h/o Lyda Wainwright) 7-19-1894 to 1-12-1933


Oak View Memorial Park

John Buchanan Avery Jr 1916-1971

James H Avery 4-3-1922 to 7-17-1989


In the chart below, Troy Avery and wife Sally Smith Avery Pennick are in red. He was her cousin's father's cousin, and she was his cousin's daughter's cousin.