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Irene and her mother mentioned in the following letter: 4-13-1967 Art; also 1955 Apr 1 Irene; 1956 Oct 18 Irene (her daughter a better letter writer); 1957 Jan 2; 1957 Feb 21 (refers only to her daughter); she, husband & daughter's family discussed briefly 1968 July 25 Harry; briefly 1969 Feb 5 Harry; 1969 April 15 Art 

Irene Susan Safranski Wachdorf

nicknamed "Renk" among Wachdorfs to differentiate her from

her mother-in-law & sister-in-law

8-1-1916 to 8-30-1999




  Theodore "Ted" "Safran"



The name is sometimes





Arthur Wachdorf




current generations

not listed

to protect

their privacy


Irene's parents:

Anton Safranski



Art's parents:

Edward Wachdorf


Irene Pfleger

Her maternal grandparents:


Her paternal grandparents:


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Many photos to add, obviously (note to self, add Sabina Masonick).


Irene on her wedding day 1-7-1939

1-7-1939 Ted Szafranski, matron of honor Sis Wachdorf Heagberg, bride and groom Irene Szafranski & Art Wachdorf

same group, better photographer

Irene on the left with Marge Kary Wachdorf (wife of her husband's brother Edward)

from left: Harry, Char, Millie & Dick Heagberg, Irene & Art, Ed & Marge, Bunky (photo courtesy of Dick Heagberg)

close up of Irene from previous (enlargement made decades ago)

left to right: Irene Safranski Wachdorf, her in-laws Ed & Irene Wachdorf, and her mother, Lottie Safranski


To differentiate Irene the mother of Arthur from Irene the sister of Arthur from Irene the wife of Arthur, the first was Irene, the second was Sis, and his wife was referred to in early letters as Renk.

In the 1920 census the Szafranski family (with a z) is on 56th Place (owned with mortgage) and the head of the family, Anton, lists his age as 47 and his birthplace as Russia (though his mother tongue he lists as Polish). He says he immigrated in 1907, and his wife immigrated in 1912 (and her name is Wladislawa). She is 28. He works as a laborer--building. Her occupation is scrubwoman--office building. They have three kids, all born in Illinois: Genevieve, 7; Theodore, 5; and IRENE, 3 and a half.

In 1930 Anton Szafranski is still on 56th Place, but now he's not a Polish speaking Russian, but straight out Polish (his wife too). His immigration year has slipped to 1908, and his wife's has changed to 1910. Her name has simplified from Wladislawa to Lottie. Interestingly, in the ten years between 1920 and 1930, Anton Szafranski has gone from age 47 to age 50. His occupation is laborer--cement construction. Lottie is no longer working, but Genevieve is a packer--candy factory. Genevieve is 17, Ted 14, and Irene 12.

Lottie Safranski died 2-16-1986.