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Noah and Nora and Frances are spoken of in the Transcription of a taped 1998 conversation with his sister, Mary Lou.

Noah Thomas Hardison

3-3-1900 to 10-24-1977



1893-Sally Hooper Mecklin


1895-William Leland Hardison


1896-Hyman Franklin Hardison (died 1897)


1904-Mary Lou Cyril Barnett Foutch


1906-Vinas Rosamon Hardison


1909-Paul Craig Hardison

married 10-7-1922


Nora Stegall

8-2-1904 to July 1988?







G.W. Hardison


Ida Tennessee Avery

spouse's parents:

Sam E. Stegall


Bertha (Barnett?)

maternal grandparents:

William A.G. Avery and Sarah Rosamon


paternal grandparents:

Asa Hardison and Clara Robeson

maternal aunts & uncles:

c.1865-Charles Avery; c.1868-Sam Avery;1870-Laura Avery Warmath; 1878-Tom Avery; Joe Avery


paternal aunts & uncles:

Mary Ann Hardison, Sally Clark, Noah T. Hardison, Sophie Elizabeth, James H. HardisonAsa Biggs Hardison; Jessie Hyman Hardison, Louisa Robertson, John Franklin Hardison, Fannie Harwell, Alonzo Edwin Hardison


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Leland, their father GW, Noah, Mary Lou, their mother Ida T

Mary Lou in Noah's uniform, Noah, and Garnett "Mack" McFarland

Noah's wife Nora, Archie Carter, Mary Lou (it looks a lot like Noah to me, but Archie Carter i.d. by Mary Lou)

Noah's wife Nora and his sister Mary Lou

Noah, his daughter Frances, and wife Nora

Noah's daughter Frances

Noah's daughter Frances

labeled 2-6-1934 Frances (doesn't look like February)

1963 Paul, Vinas, Noah, Leland on occasion of funeral of Herschel Barnett (their sister Mary Lou's husband)

Noah, Sally, Vinas, Paul

Nora 1983 at 50th anniversary party for Vinas and Elsie Hardison

Frances 1983, same party

Marriage date taken from Hardison family Bible as transcribed by Mary Lou. Mary Lou said Nora's last name was Stegall, and based on that, I found a Stegall family on the same page of the 1920 census as the Hardison family. Her mother's maiden name is taken from a post on Rootsweb from 1996. The birth and death dates are taken from the social security death index but I can't be sure they're for the right Nora Hardison. Rootsweb also has among the record for the Repogle Funeral Home a Mrs. Sam Stegall (Nora's mother, I think) died 1-9-1932, to be buried in Hopewell Cemetery, responsible party Sam Stegall. 

In 1998 Mary Lou said of her brother, Noah, "He married after he come home from the service. They lived up there close to us when we moved up here (to Madison County, TN from Crockett County in 1917), and they just had the one child, and she lives in Memphis."