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Sarah Jane "Sally" Hardison Hooper Mecklin

10-28-1893 to 8-27-1987



1895-William Leland Hardison


1896-Hyman Franklin Hardison (died 1897)


1900-Noah Thomas Hardison


1904-Mary Lou Cyril Barnett Foutch


1906-Vinas Rosamon Hardison


1909-Paul Craig Hardison

married 1-23/28-1910


Bert Hooper


P.W. Mecklin



(all by Bert Hooper)


 Demetra (died 1931)


 Lois Dell (Robertson)

 (died 12-22-1989)


 Beatrice Elizabeth (Betty   or "Snooks") died 8-18-1971



G.W. Hardison


Ida Tennessee Avery

spouse's parents:

maternal grandparents:

William A.G. Avery and Sarah Rosamon


paternal grandparents:

Asa Hardison and Clara Robeson

maternal aunts & uncles:

c.1865-Charles Avery; c.1868-Sam Avery;1870-Laura Avery Warmath; 1878-Tom Avery; Joe Avery


paternal aunts & uncles:

Mary Ann Hardison, Sally Clark, Noah T. Hardison, Sophie Elizabeth, James H. HardisonAsa Biggs Hardison; Jessie Hyman Hardison, Louisa Robertson, John Franklin Hardison, Fannie Harwell, Alonzo Edwin Hardison


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Leland, her father GW, Noah, Sally, her mother Ida

Sally is tallest, with her daughters, her parents, her brothers and sister Mary Lou

Sally's daughters Demetra, Lois Dell and Betty (called Snooks) i.d. by Mary Lou

Sally and PW "Mack" Mecklin

Mary Lou, Sally and Sally's husband PW Mecklin

Noah, Sally, Vinas, Paul

Mary Lou on the left and Sally on the right

Oral history: according to a son of Sally's brother, Vinas, Sally's daughter Demetra had congenital problems beyond the hare lip, which eventually caused her death. Vinas' son said Lois Dell was called Della, and he thought her full name was LaDella or something like that. He said Betty was called Snooks, and her full name was either Beatrice or Bertice Elizabeth. He said that both Della & Snooks were models for gloves and hose, that he'd seen their ads. He said Snooks married and had four children, but her husband left when she was diagnosed with the cancer that killed her. Della had one son.

According to the Hardison Family Bible, Sarah Jane was born 10-28-1893 in TN (her aunt, Sarah Jane "Sally" had died in April, 1893), and died 8-27-1987. The death dates for her daughters are also taken from the Hardison family Bible, as transcribed by Mary Lou.

Dyer County marriage records: 1-23-1910 Sallie Hardison to Bert Hooper.  Mary Lou transcribed the family Bible as saying she married 1-28-1910. Not sure which transcriber got it right.

1910 census, Lauderdale County, TN, town of Double Bridges: Bert Hooper, age 21, farmer, married. Wife Sallie, age 17. Both born in TN.

Dyersburg State Gazette, 2-18-1916: "Mount Pisgah--Mr. and Mrs. Bert Hooper and children of Halls spent Sat. and Sun. with her parents, Mr. & Mrs. George W. Hardison. Little Mary Lou Hardison and brother, Fannis (Vinas), spent Saturday night with Mrs. Jim Clark." (Mrs. Bert Hooper = Sally Hardison Hooper, later Mecklin).

1917 draft registration (might not be the right Bert Hooper, but Halls is in Lauderdale Co and he's AB Hooper in 1920 census): Albert Burt Hooper, born 9-23-1888, living in Halls, TN, born in Halls, TN. Occupation: farmer. Where occupied: renting land near Halls, TN. Reason of exemption: support of wife and three children. Of medium height and medium build with blue eyes and black hair.

1920 census, Shelby County TN, Memphis: A.B. Hooper, age 30, occupation: wagon driver for dairy. Wife Sallie, 26. Daughter Demetra, age 9. Daught Lois D, age 6. Daughter Elizabeth, age 4 years 6 months.

1930 census, Shelby County, Memphis: Sallie Hooper, age 36, widow, put that she was 16 years in marriage (so I guess Bert died c. 1926), occupation: general helper, laundry (might say foundry instead of laundry). Daughter Demetra, age 19, occupation: none. Daughter Lois D, age 17, occupation: operator, telephone. Daughter Elizabeth, age 14.

Social Security Death Index: Sarah Mecklin, born 10-22-1893 died Aug 1987 (10-22 is not accurate).